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Solar air panels

Have you noticed that your sheets feel damp after you come back to your house after leaving it shut up for a while? Or perhaps there is a musty smell in your under-build? These can be signs of humidity or moisture which has become trapped inside the building. Free-Sol Solar’s ventilation solar air panels use solar energy to blow warm, dry air into your home and remove the stale, moist air. This keeps your home healthy and helps reduce allergies for its occupants. By keeping the indoor temperature stable when it is cold outside, the solar ventilation panels have the added benefit of helping you make savings on your electricity and heating bills.


  • Reduce humidity and odours
  • Healthier home with no mildew
  • No running costs
  • Easy to use and maintenance free
Solar electricity

Solar air panels

Ecoair 60

  • Size in mm: 600x700x60
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel: 5w
  • Recommended for room size: 5 – 20m²
Solar air panels - Ecoair 60

Ecoair 120

  • Size in mm: 1200x700x60
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel: 10w
  • Recommended for room size: 20 – 40m²
Solar air panels - Ecoair 120

Ecoair 220

  • Size in mm: 2200x700x60
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel: 10w
  • Recommended for room size: 40 – 70m²
Solar air panels - Ecoair 220