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Solar electricity

Installing solar PV (photovoltaic) panels at your home will enable you to generate your own electricity to help reduce your energy bills. As most homes are already connected to the grid, after the solar PV system is installed energy demand will be met first by solar and any excess requirement will then be met by the grid. With approval from your energy provider, you can send surplus solar electricity back to the grid and receive a small payment in return. You can also install batteries and store solar energy for use later.


  • Protect yourself from rising electricity costs
  • Be more energy efficient
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and look after the planet
  • Monitor your energy production and consumption
  • Virtually no maintenance required
Solar electricity

What Free-Sol offers

Grid connected PV systems

The PV panels absorb daylight and convert it to DC electricity which flows into an inverter that converts the DC electricity to AC electricity which can be used by appliances in the home, electric car charging etc. We install premium equipment with long manfucturer´s warranties to ensure your investment continues to deliver over its lifetime. You can monitor your system via an App and track your own production and consumption enabling you to make the most of the solar energy and become more energy efficient. Any surplus solar energy can be fed into the grid in return for a small payment and/or stored in batteries for personal use. In the event that your solar system cannot meet your energy requirements at any particular time, electricity is supplied by the grid instead.

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