Our electricity bills have reduced significantly

Free-Sol installed my solar water heating system in March 2010.  The installation was totally hassle-free and I was only required to pay once I was 100% happy with everything.  The piping and cables were neatly fixed and the controller mounted out of sight in a kitchen cupboard.

The operation of the controller was explained to me and I have been particularly impressed by how simple to use it is.  The great thing is that we have lashings of hot water on tap all year round and only use the back up heater occasionally during the winter on rainy days or if we get more than 3 or 4 consecutive cloudy days (rare in our part of Spain).  An added bonus is that if the mains water is cut off, we have stored water in the tank on the roof which we can use!

We have noticed that our electricity bills have reduced significantly since having our solar system installed so thanks to all at Free-Sol.